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Photos & reportages

// EN // I have many ideas for future (photo) reportages taking place in Hungary, Poland, Thailand (countries I can claim to know well as I speak the language and have lived and traveled extensively there) and other regions or states. It all depends on whom I can get interested in publishing them (let me know if you are!).

// FR // J’ai plusieurs idées de futurs photoreportages sur la Hongrie, la Pologne, la Thaïlande, des pays que je connais bien, dont je maîtrise la langue et où j’ai vécu et voyagé. Ainsi que sur d’autres régions d’Europe et du monde. A vrai dire, tout dépend du répondant des rédactions auxquelles je compte les proposer…

♦  // EN // I’ve done some field reasearch in Transyvlania (Romania) for some articles featuring descendants of the Hungarian gentry fighting to get their family property’s back, re-establishing the castle – or less luxurious homes – of their Transylvanian ancestors’, turning them into lodges and very nice B & B. I will hopefully find some magazine interested in publishing on such a topic.

♦ // EN // I’m working on some photoreportage reflecting the human face of contemporary Europe, featuring EU citizens portraits gathered on a future hitch-hiking trip, from one point of Europe to another, say from Dublin to Sofia.

♦  // EN // I’ve been thinking for a while of some photoreportage (and maybe exhibition) about the very little known European ethnic groups and minorities, some of them are quite politically active.

♦ // EN // I’m somehow ‘fascinated’ by dictatorial countries. I’ve been planning on going to Belarus for almost four years now and still haven’t made it there. I have many Belarussian connections, people I got to know in France, Poland and Lithuania. I was once part of an active participative news website called Paris-Minsk and we used to report on Belarus news (censorship is a daily reality there), in French, thanks to our own friends living there. I’ve been thinking about Burma as well and Iran (the Istambul – Teheran train is calling me) for quite a while. I took Farsi lessons not so long ago…. Not the best time to go though… But I will, sooner of later.

♦ // EN // I’d love to be back in Thailand and Bangkok, a massive and vibrant South-East Asian capital! I’d also like to focus on the Sea gipsies and Burmese illegal refugees. A topic I have already made some research on, while living there two years ago.

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