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April 10, 2011 / Helene Bienvenu, travel-writer

Quimby, Dunaújváros live

It came as a surprise but I finally attended a Quimby concert in the band hometown, Dunaújváros. Three members of the most successful ‘rock’-band in Hungary are indeed from the former Hungarian ‘Stalingrad’. Dunaújváros is an industrial town built in the 50’s almost out of the blue by the communist authorities as part of the post-world-war-two industrialization efforts (and cold-war context). I will tell you more about the Socialist realist capital of Hungary (a very interesting place) soon as I’m writing a paper about it. In the meantime, enjoy Quimby, (another) over talented Hungarian band! And just for the anecdote, earlier that day I met Kálmán, Tibi’s (singer and guitarist in the band) father, who’s a poet and Hungarian teacher and who supervised the local poetry day celebrations at the Contemporary art institute. And needless to say the concert was great, full of private Dunaújváros jokes and little sketches. Will hopefully interview the guys soon! Stay tuned here on my blog!

UPDATE: I interviewed Liviusz Varga from Quimby in May 2011, will publish the interview soon in Hungarian and in English.

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