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November 10, 2010 / Helene Bienvenu, travel-writer

Baja, sunshine and Sugovica city / Baja, fille du soleil et de la Sugovica

It’s been a really good surprise to discover Baja this Summer as I was updating a Hungary guidebook for a French publisher.

It’s a very pleasant and green city, with 2 rivers flowing into town (actually, it’s the Danube which separates in two parts), with an island (Petőfi Sziget) in the middle. The main square and the streets leading to it displays a rich baroque heritage and reflects the cultural diversity of a city which – as the rest of Hungary – had to be resettled by Hungarians and migrants from various part of the Habsburg Empire after the Turks left (end of 17th-beg. of 18th century).

Baja, kids playing by the Sugovica during Baja fish soup festival (Southern Hungary, 2010).

Enfants jouant le long de la Sugovica à Baja, le jour du festival de la soupe de poisson (Sud de la Hongrie, 2010).

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