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November 8, 2010 / Helene Bienvenu, travel-writer

Back from Dubrovnik again…

Main Onofrio fountain on Dubrovnik Stradun

I went back to Dubrovnik two weeks ago to gather some more information for my Dubrovnik guidebook (to be published in April 2011) – as I mentioned in a previous post, I was operated at Dubrovnik hospital at the end of August for appendicitis, which was fun (seriously! I lied down for a few days on a hospital bed with by my sides two old Dubrovnik ladies, I got to learn a couple of new words in Croatian;) From our air-conditioned room I could hear the grasshoppers and just imagine the sea a few hundred meters away! I also managed to joke with the surgeon on the operation table saying I would positively review the hospital in my book – in what was a mix of Croatian and Polish, better say some croatianized Polish. And let me tell you that Dubrovnik public hospital is really a good one (at least for what I had). The doctors are nice and handsome and they all speak perfect English. Some nurses were extra nice and caring as well, ok not all of them… but anyway, on the whole it was a positive experience (and what wouldn’t I do for my dear readers?). So, you got it, I didn’t manage to do everything I had planned to do for my guidebook during my first stay in Dubrovnik. I needed to come back! Which I did for one week at the end of october. A short stay but long enough to get drenched from head to foot! Yes, it can also rain over there and when it starts you actually don’t see the end of it. It’s not the Atlantic, it’s the Adriatic! Damned! However, Dubrovnik was still lovely (yes, I admit it is), and the Stradun (main street in the old town) was almost mine. Tourists were all gone – or sort of, what a bless! Ragusa at its best! I really regret I couldn’t party on Sipan at Julio’s bar – seems a cool place that no other guidebook knows about;)- nevertheless I got a good insights of the Elaphiti islands, and of Peljesac, I mean of its wines. I wine-tasted for a few hours in bigger and smaller wineries. Nice dingac and plavac… Well, but now the hardest is left for me to do: finish the book within 2 weeks having classes to attend almost everyday from 8.30 am to 6pm and quite a few presentations to prepare as well as exams to think about. All that in Hungarian. Dreadful. I’d rather study Drzic right now than Balassi’s wonderful metrics – to which I understand quite nothing as I my literature vocabulary is still too limited in Magyar… Enough  complaints for today (did I say that the way back from Dubrovnik to Budapest took me 18 hours? By bus and train trough Zagreb ;), ok I stop there)! Initially I just wanted to share a new picture to forget about Autumn and to avoid winter depression! So here you go…

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